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Feb 16, 2019

Welcome To Plotpoints Podcast!

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This is Plotpoints Podcast!

Show Notes February 15, 2019 EP 146

Author/Screenwriter Christopher Stires, Filmmaker Bruce Kasra, FanboyNation's Robert Samo Join Mark Sevi.

#Starbeasts #PaladinsJourney #RebelNation #TheInheritance #DarkLegend


Chris' Amazon...

Dec 23, 2017

So, another audio mess.  Sigh....I spent two weeks (off and on) working on the equipment to make sure this exact thing didn't happen again - and it did!

Sorry for the lousy sound.  I promise - PROMISE! - it will not happen again!

Show Notes December 22, 2017 EP 17

The gang is home for the holidays!  Yay!

Dec 8, 2017

What happened to this podcast?  Why does it sound like sh*t?  Notes at the end of these show notes if you're interested.  CLICK HERE or go to bottom of these show notes.

Show Notes December 08, 2017 EP 16

Mark is hostless (and mostly clueless) BUT he taps two friends to help him and they respond big time to save his...

Nov 24, 2017

Show Notes November 24, 2017 EP 15

Get a Clue and Listen!  We're visiting new worlds and new civilizations on this podcast with Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen and guest host Shadia Sephernia!

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00:00:00 Intro
Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen

00:00:59 Table Talk

Toby at his film festival in Chicago so Shadia...

Nov 10, 2017

Show Notes November 9, 2017 EP 14

Our Super Secret Spy ‘Cast! We’d tell you more but then we’d have to...

plotpoints logo with james bond

00:00:00 Intro
Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen (5 names and counting!)

00:00:59 Table Talk

The OGs are back!

MC is a married woman! Champagne sherpas! It’s a thing.

Congrats again to MC and Mike!