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Jan 19, 2018

Show Notes January 19, 2018 EP 119

This week we welcome Bill Fisher of Quicksilver Software and welcome back Jeff Lyons of

MC is adventuring but with us in spirit! PlotPoints Podcast.

00:00:15 Intro (Theme from "Wolf Warrior 2")

00:01:00 Table Talk

Mark Sevi,...

Jan 5, 2018

Show Notes December 31, 2017 EP 18

Our final 'cast of 2017!  Where did that time go?  Swooosh! PlotPoints Podcast.

This week we dive into Tina Fey's amazingly funny work.  Funny and more!

tina fey

00:00:15 Intro (Theme from "30 Rock")

00:02:21 Table Talk

Mark, Princess Van Kempen, and Toby "The Editor"...