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Oct 27, 2017

plotpoints podcastShow notes Plotpoints Podcast.
October 21, 2017- EP13

Our Halloween Ep - sorta spooky, no?

00:00:00 Intro
Toby Wallwork

00:00:41 Introduction of guests Victor Phan, Larry Porricelli and Talia Creature.
Mark Sevi

and MIKE!  Huzzah!

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00:04:00 Sequelitis in Hollywood?  True or overblown? 
Mark Sevi, Victor Phan, Toby Wallwork, Larry Porricelli

#it #superheros #romanNumerals

00:10:20 What are we watching? 
Mark Sevi, Victor Phan, Toby Wallwork, Larry Porricelli

#startrek #classichorror #mindhunters

00:15:00 John Carpenter, Horror Genius
Mark Sevi

#halloween #thing #starman #mouthofmadness #princeofdarkness #halloween2018 #bigtrubleinlittlechina #theylive #escapefromnewyork #bluecollarfilmmaker

00:29:00 Top Ten Horror Films List:
Victor Phan


00:40:00 Q&A - Questions, questions, questions
Mark Sevi

Questions from Talia Creature:

What does it take to make a good horror film?
Can you put famous people in your scripts?
Is it okay to write scenes out of sequence?

00:50:00 FOCUS - The inner logic and surprising philosophy of the SAW movies.
Toby Wallwork

Søren Kierkegaard - for reals?

00:54:00 Act III
Mark Sevi

MANIPULATE, Y'all!  That's the secret sauce.

1:00:00 Outro

Saying ciao until next time!

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