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Jul 7, 2018

Welcome To Plotpoints Podcast!

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This is Plotpoints Podcast!

Show Notes July 7, 2018 EP 130b

This is Part Two of a great interview with my friend Alejandro Seri from Final Draft

The mic quality isn't wonderful; I should have just taken the sound directly off the mixing board but I used Zoom instead. 

The more I use Zoom, the more I find problems but it is a great resource in many ways so I just need to work around its limitations and fix things on my end.

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00:00:15 Intro
Mark Sevi



  • Preparing a full package for marketing your script
    • Targeting production companies for your writing
    • Making a business plan
    • Bets genre to try to sell
    • Limited location script/low budget
  • Using Final Draft
  • The history of the page a minute convention
  • More tagger software
  • DYI filmaking
  • I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script LINK TO ARTICLE
  • Table Reads

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00:33:00 Wrap Up


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